Torchship Pilot Released

Torchship Pilot, the sequel to Torchship, is available on Amazon. The audiobook edition is in production. WAR IS BAD FOR BUSINESS: The crew of the freighter Fives Full want to enjoy the profits of their dangerous voyage, but when war breaks out they’re pressed into service for missions a warship can’t do. Winning the war demands… Continue reading Torchship Pilot Released

Torchship Audiobook Up

The long-awaited audiobook version of Torchship is up at Audible. I think the narrator has done a lovely job of capturing the personalities. In other news, I was interviewed about the background of Torchship. And for anyone interested in the business side of self-publishing I told my story at Dave Farland’s writing advice site.    


Ships in the Torchship setting travel from star to star via gates, so the pattern of gate connections matters more than the physical positions of the stars relative to each other. This map shows some of routes the Fives Full travels in the first and second books.

Con Schedule

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