If you’re in North Texas next weekend (2/10-12), check out ConDFW, a local science fiction convention. It’s being held on the Fort Worth side of the metroplex this time.
My panels are:
Friday, 5pm: Indie Publishing from Ground Zero
How does an aspiring author put a book on the market? Our panelists give you one possible way of many. This will cover publishing, cover art and design, and even audiobook licensing, recording and editing.
Friday, 6pm: Preparing for a Future in Space
Popular ideas in the past of a Moonbase have faded over the years. The most recent idea is for a Mars base. But can a person safely travel there? Can the human body handle weightlessness for that long of a ride? Our scientists take a hard look at the future of space and debate our place in it.
Saturday, 12pm  Autographs (Dealers Room)
Saturday, 1pm: The Logistics of Space Travel
It’s easy to dream about flying between the stars. But what do you need to stock to be able to make it back home? Somehow I think crates of MREs will get old after a while… Our panelists debate what is needed to travel the stars in traditional Space Opera…and what needs to be included when writing about it.
Saturday, 4pm: Reading
Sunday, 1pm: The Science of Space Flight
What is the state of flight these days? Pictures of possible space ships notwithstanding, lets get down to brass tacks on what can and can not be done right now. Our scientists will mull over these issues and answer questions.
Sunday, 3pm: The World of the Expanse
One of the hotter new shows to come out of the SyFy channel was “The Expanse”, based off of the novel series by James S. A. Corey. A fascinating show set in a grittier and more realistic future where war can be touched off by a misunderstanding and secrets are the key. Our panelists talk about everything Expanse, so feel free to ask questions!

2 thoughts on “ConDFW

  1. Oh, bummer. I just now finished Torchship, reviewed it, and was checking out your author page to see what else I could get my hands on, and saw this post. I’m in Dallas, and didn’t go to that con. Your panels sounded interesting. Hope you had a good time!


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