Soonercon and Interviews

I’ll be at Soonercon in Oklahoma City, June 24-26. My panels are:
Koffee Klatch, Sat 9am – Behold the non-morning person.
Materializing Wealth, Sat 3pm – What will replicators do to the economy?
Reading, Sun 11am – A sample of Torchship, or if it’s people who know me, Torchship Pilot.
Patent That Rascal! Sun noon – Intellectual property and how to protect it.
Space in 50 Years, Sun 2pm – Will humanity move into the solar system?

For anyone who can’t make Soonercon but would like to hear me talk, The Catholic Geek interviewed me about the science in science fiction.

The Space Opera Fans group on Goodreads also did an interview with me.

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