Reading and Panels at Fencon

Fencon is this coming weekend in DFW. I’ll be reading from my upcoming portal fantasy novel on Saturday at 2pm. I’ll also be on some panels: Energy: That’s What We Want Friday 4:00 PM Commercial Crew Program Friday 6:00 PM Lessons learned from the space shuttle Saturday 10:00 AM The Future of NASA Saturday 11:00… Continue reading Reading and Panels at Fencon

LibertyCon Schedule

I’m a panelist at LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN, June 29-July 1. I’ll have all three books available. In my downtime I may fiddling with the manuscript of a fantasy novel (in edits) or working on a space opera novel (12,000 words and growing). Or more likely I’ll be chatting or boardgaming or otherwise letting productivity… Continue reading LibertyCon Schedule

Torchship Trilogy is Prometheus Finalist–and on sale!

I’m delighted to announce that the Torchship Trilogy is a finalist for this year’s Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel of the year. Past recipients include Neal Stephenson, Poul Anderson, Larry Niven, and Vernor Vinge. To celebrate, I’ve put out an omnibus edition including Torchship, Torchship Pilot, and Torchship Captain. It’s on a countdown sale starting… Continue reading Torchship Trilogy is Prometheus Finalist–and on sale!

ConDFW 2018

I’ll be on several panels at ConDFW, happening February 16-18 in Fort Worth. Friday 4pm – Fighters in Space Opera Friday 6pm – The Best Books Nobody Ever Heard Of Saturday 10am – Autograph Session Saturday 11am – Microgravity and You: The Trials of Colonization Saturday 9pm – Pornography vs Erotica – The Geometry of Sex [Adult]… Continue reading ConDFW 2018

Year In Review

2017 was a good year for my writing. I published the conclusion of the Torchship Trilogy. It’s being talked about for the Prometheus and Dragon awards. I also published four short stories. Torchship Captain came out in September. I’m going to release a box set of the trilogy soon. The trilogy is eligible for awards.… Continue reading Year In Review