Fencon Panel Schedule

Fencon, my favorite local con, is this coming weekend by DFW airport. Come on by if you can! I’ll be on these panels:

It’s the AR/VR panel !
Friday 2:00 PM Grapevine 1

Contracts You Shouldn’t Sign
Friday 5:00 PM Galleria 4

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program
Friday 6:00 PM Grapevine 1

What’s Your Role?
Saturday 12:00 PM Grapevine 1

Social Prosthetics and Other Digital Assistants
Saturday 1:00 PM Grand 3&4

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Generation Ships
Saturday 3:00 PM Grapevine 1

Space Stations on the Brain
Sunday 11:00 AM Southlake

How to Build a Blaster
Sunday 1:00 PM Grapevine 1

Your World Needs Fungi and Flies
Sunday 2:00 PM Grapevine 1

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