ConDFW Schedule

I’m a panelist at the last (alas) ConDFW next weekend. My schedule is:

Main Programming, 3 PM – Up, Up and Away! Developments in Rocketry

Autographs, 4 PM – Karl K. Gallagher, Terry Gene, T. M. Hunter
Reading, 6 PM – KB Bogen, Karl K. Gallagher
Programming 3, 9 PM – Pornography vs Erotica – It’s the End of the World [Adult]

Main Programming, 11 AM – Science Fiction Spaceships and the Laws of Physics
Main Programming, 2 PM – What’s Ahead for Star Wars?

The reading will be the opening of my upcoming portal fantasy novel, The Lost War. A group of historical reenactors struggle to survive when flung into a fantasy world.

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