Plans Gang Agley

At the end of Seize What’s Held Dear, I promised the next book, Captain Trader Helmsman Spy, would be out this winter. I do have a full draft of CTHS and am working with a cover artist to get it ready to publish. But it’s not coming out this winter.

Unfortunately, when I set up the schedule for the next books in the series, I failed to allocate time for abdominal surgery for having a malignant tumor removed. Good sized one, too. The picture is scary. It was found during a routine colonoscopy, there weren’t any symptoms. Hospital and family are taking good care of me and the recuperation is going well. But I am not being as productive as I normally am.

I’m back at the day job. Not full time yet, but I’m getting close to it. That and other responsibilities are taking up most of my productivity. I am putting as much energy into my writing and editing as I can. As of now I expect Captain Trader Helmsman Spy will be out this spring. But that’s not a promise. I’ve learned my lesson about promises.

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